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What Makes A Good Village Fete

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  • 04-07-2023
What Makes A Good Village Fete

What makes a good village fete? This article looks at tips and ideas for organising a village fete. Toilets 4 Hire Ltd provide events portable toilet hire for events throughout Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester and Gloucestershire. Find out more about the important things you should consider.

What Is A Village Fete?

The word 'fete' is French for 'to celebrate,' and it has been utilised for many of these kinds of events and occasions. Yet, village fetes are far more than your average celebration, they were a source that enabled communities to gather and bond.

Fetes were popular in England in the 1920s and 30s across many small towns and villages. A summer fete was typically something curated by church or school communities to reach out to the neighbourhoods and raise funds for important causes. 

What Makes A Good Village Fete? Events Portable Toilet Hire Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Organising a Village Fete

A village fete is a fantastic way to connect with or support the local community, and to celebrate accomplishments.

They can help us address social issues and raise funds for various community projects and significant causes.

When organised and planned well, they can be a wonderful success. It takes plenty of organisation to host and put on a village fete, as there is plenty to consider. 

Traditional Games For Your Village Fete:

 The Hoopla 

The hoopla is a must-have at your fete, as it is one of the most commonly included fete games. You must arrange posts on the ground, on a board, or horizontally atop of blocks. Your attendees will have to throw rings at them, to see whose goes over. 

 Pin The Tail On The Donkey

A universally popular game at numerous events is Pin the Tail, it is a childhood favourite. A large donkey without their tail is displayed on a wall or board and attendees must attempt to pin the tail on the donkey's bottom whilst blindfolded. Whoever is closest wins a prize. 

 Guess How Many Sweets In A Jar

Fill a large jar with a range of sweets and have your attendees guess the contents for a small price or donation. Whoever guesses first or gets the closest in number will win the sweets.

 Name The Toy

Buy or request an appealing cuddly toy and make a list of names. In secret, select a name for the toy or plushie and then have your attendees guest from the list, whoever is the first to guess correctly typically wins the toy. 

 Raffle Or Tombola

To provide entertainment for all your attendees you want to incorporate activities or events that will appeal to adults and the elderly too. The best way to do so is with a raffle or tombola. All you have to do is purchase a few raffle books and ensure you have a container to keep copies of the tickets inside. Tickets are drawn from the container at random and they are attributed to a specific prize. Those with matching tickets to the ones drawn will win. 

 Hook The Duck

Purchase a series of plastic ducks with marked-out numbers on some of the bases. Place them into an inflatable paddling pool and provide your attendees with nets or small fishing hooks. Then, buy or request a variety of prizes and number them accordingly. Those who successfully hook the numbered ducks will win those specific prizes. 

 Giant Board Or Card Games

Giants is a loose term used to describe a group of card or board games that are manufactured at a much larger scale to incorporate a much greater group of people and viewers. There are numerous variations of these games, including giant Jenga, giant Chess, giant Snakes and Ladders, Twister, and plenty more.

 Steady Hand

The steady hand is a common attraction at many events and fetes. It provides a hoop that the operator has to carefully guide around a wire obstacle course without touching the sides, making it light up or buzz. It is much harder than it looks, making an excellent for your attendees. 

What Makes A Good Village Fete? Sweet Jar

Sweet Jar

What Makes A Good Village Fete? Raffle / Tombola

Raffle / Tombola

Fete Stall Ideas:

Asteroid Blaster

Asteroid Blaster is a relatively easy game to create. Purchase some large water pistols and gather a few empty soft drink bottles of around two litres. Balance a small ball on top of your bottles and the goal is to hit the ball and knock it off the bottle top using the pressure from the water pistol.

If you manage to dislodge or knock it off, you get a prize. You can have fun painting the bottles and balls with whacky designs and colours, to make them look like planets.

Candle Making

Introduce the century-old art of candle-making to your attendees. At your fete why not staff an exciting attraction that enables those of all ages to partake in candle dipping and carving?

Give your participants a few wicks and offer up a broad selection of coloured waxes. Once they are of the right size, they can be adequately moulded into various shapes. 

Amusement Rides

A must-have for any fair, fete, or festival event is amusement rides. Whether you want to opt for bouncy castles or larger-scale rides, they are always a delight and are a sure-fire way to entertain your attendees. 

Always ensure you hire qualified staff to operate the rides and keep trained professionals on-site in the event of any accidents. 

Cake Stall

A cake stall is a great way to raise money or earn a profit from your attendees. Request your volunteers or village bring a variety of cakes to bring to the stall on the morning of the fete, or you can approach a local cake shop and request for cakes to be made specially.

We recommend making a sign or list that outlines the contents of the cakes available for health and safety reasons. 

Hot Drinks Stall

Another excellent way to make money at your village fete is with a coffee and tea stall. We Brits love a nice warm beverage any time of year, so what better option is there? 

Approach a local coffee shop or tea house and make an arrangement with them to come to your site with a coffee and tea van. Said coffee shop will often make a donation with a percentage of their profit or per cup sold. 

Baby Animal Farms

Baby animals are popular with all audiences, especially young children. If your fete is hosted for preschoolers, or closeby to a school, it might be ideal to organise a service that will bring small farm animals to your field or chosen location.

Several companies enable such services allowing young children to pat and feed animals, like goats, lambs, chicks, and donkeys. 


Bars are an excellent way to make money at your fete celebration or fundraiser event. 

Before ploughing ahead and hiring out staff and bar equipment, we urge you to check out the regulations according to your county, town or region. You may need a license or permit to have a bar on-site. 


You can ask one of your sponsors or your local balloon shop to provide helium and balloons to set up a balloon stall.

For extra entertainment for the children, we recommend looking around for a professional balloon twister.

Badge Stall

You can hire a badge-making machine, and that will enable all children and young people present to create their own artwork.

Upon finishing their designs, they can make their own badge. 

Amusement Rides - What Makes A Good Village Fete?

Amusement Rides

Cake Stall - What Makes A Good Village Fete?

Cake Stall

Rules Around Portable Toilets At Your Fete


Be Polite

Remember to keep passing comments about sights, smells, or sounds to yourself. Whilst many portable toilets are offered with a regular cleaning service, you aren't always going to receive gleaming loos.


Be Aware

If you find that any lavatory on-site isn't in the freshest condition, we urge you to politely tell an event organiser so that they can address the issue. If there are on-site cleaners, kindly ask that they freshen up a specific cubicle.


Don't make it weird

Should you hire urinals that don't provide eye-level dividers, look straight ahead or directly down to avoid uncomfortable eye contact. 


Don't Gossip

Festival and event portable toilets aren't the most private spaces. These trailers aren't the best place for gossip, as all conversations will be overheard. Save yourself from blabbing about those around you, or extensive talks about whatever is on your mind. Port-a-loos simply aren't the place. 


Be Prepared

We highly recommend carrying your own antibacterial gel around in your pocket or handbag, it's always a smart idea for events and festivals away from home. Often soap dispensers will run dry very quickly, and if you don't have active staff on-site to refill it for you, gels and sanitisers are the best solution. It's good manners to share it, especially if the dispensers have run out. 


Don't stall

Urinals can help speed up the toilet-going process and reduce the length of queues, making them move much faster. Remember to be as quick as you can when utilising them to ensure efficiency. 


Don't skip the Queue

There's never a good reason to skip a queue. Everyone is in the same boat, so don't push ahead, and be respectful. 


No Pictures

Portable lavatories aren't the place for taking pictures for social media. Whilst numerous restaurants and establishments now make a point of jazzing up the loos to appear camera-ready, port-a-loos are the least aesthetically pleasing places for a photo-op. 


Do I Need Toilets For A Village Fete?

Campsites and fields experience plenty of traffic, especially at the pinnacle of summer. However, there are a few things to do to mitigate the negative effects of the traffic on the way to the toilets. Implement portable toilets in your chosen venue or location.

They provide a fantastic facility for your attendees to use, and if you hire multiple and scatter them around your chosen field, you can ensure they are always available at once. With portable toilets hire, your village fete can be well-accommodated and you'll find a significant lack of toilet traffic.

Toilets 4 Hire Ltd provides reliable and comfortable portable toilets and shower units for domestic and commercial customers throughout Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester and Gloucestershire. Whether you are having temporary water supply issues or are hosting large outdoor events, our portable facilities are well-suited to any situation.