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Types of Portable Toilets for Commercial Events

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  • 20-10-2023
Types of Portable Toilets for Commercial Events

Find out more about the types of portable toilets for commercial events. Explore a range of choices to meet the diverse needs of your event attendees. Our guide provides valuable insights into the features, benefits, and considerations for each type of portable toilet.

Standard Portable Toilets

When putting together a commercial occasion, it's imperative to account for the provision of appropriate sanitation amenities. Frequently chosen for these events are standard portable toilets.

These are independent units that are furnished with all the necessary sanitation facilities that an individual might need. These facilities include a toilet seat, a roll holder for tissue paper, and a dispenser for sanitising the hands after usage. Standard portable toilets bring a lot of conveniences as they are easy to manage and highly effective for events that expect high visitor traffic.

An outstanding advantage is that these units can be swiftly installed, offering a no-fuss solution for organisers. They possess a holding tank with an impressive capacity, able to service around 200 usages. This capability makes them ideally suited for single-day events, catering to the needs of many attendees.

Each of these units operates independently, therefore it can be situated at any location where it favours the event's guests. They also ensure privacy as they are designed for one person's usage at a time.

Despite their interior size being generally smaller compared to other portable toilet types, they are still amply fit for the general public. Since these types of toilets are the most fundamental, they are a familiar sight at commercial gatherings and are often the most economical option available.

Types Of Portable Toilets For Commercial Events

Compost Toilets

Compost toilets are a highly suitable choice for undertaking commercial events. They have been swiftly rising in popularity due to their eco-friendly attributes and minimal water requirements. In countless ways, they are presenting themselves as both a robust and sustainable solution. The functionality of compost toilets is strikingly simple yet ingenious.

They function by segregating solid and liquid waste. Solid waste is turned into compost with the aid of peat moss or sawdust. This process helps to eradicate unpleasant smells and simultaneously accelerates the composting process. The utility of compost toilets is broad-ranging due to their varying sizes. The diverse range of sizes ensures that they are an optimal fit for all types of occasions and settings.

Due to their environmentally conscious nature, they have gradually become a favourite pick for outdoor and eco-friendly events.

Event organisers choosing compost toilets are effectively looking to lessen their environmental impact to the greatest extent possible. While it's true that compost toilets are a bit pricier compared to standard portable toilets, assessing their advantages paints a different picture. For those commercial event organisers whose target demographic comprises environmentally-conscious people, investing in compost toilets could indeed be a fruitful decision.

Choosing compost toilets has philosophical implications as well. It might not just reflect event organisers' practical considerations, but it could also be perceived as a statement. A statement that the organisers care deeply about the environment and are willing to invest in a more sustainable future. It allows events to stand apart from the others, thereby possibly attracting more attendees concerned about the environment.

Compost toilets are starting to revolutionise the commercial event scene with their impressive advantages. Equally beneficial to the environment and event organisers, they are understandably gathering an increasing number of supporters. Despite a slightly higher price tag, their clear benefits and potential for catering to a specific market make them a potentially worthwhile investment for forward-thinking event organisers.

Disabled Portable Toilets

Disabled portable toilets are specially designed units that aim to provide maximum comfort, optimum access, and complete privacy for individuals with disabilities. The size of these toilets is noticeably larger as compared to standard portable toilets, a design feature that further enhances their accessibility and convenience. In addition, these toilets are equipped with support handrails to ensure user safety, reducing the risk of slips or falls.

The more generous space within these facilities allows for easy manoeuvrability, even with a wheelchair, thereby ensuring that all users can comfortably utilise these units. An essential feature of these toilets is the flat entrance which significantly enhances accessibility. This makes it much easier for people with mobility challenges to get in and out, reducing the physical strain and making the overall experience as stress-free as possible.

In the UK, laws regulating public facilities stipulate that commercial events must provide facilities that cater to all attendees. This mandate underscores the importance of including disabled portable toilets in event planning. Inclusion is not only morally right but it's also a legal requirement. It's important to note, too, that the provision of such facilities demonstrates a commitment from the organisers to create an inclusive and welcoming environment for all.

Disabled Portable Toilets - Types Of Portable Toilets

Disabled Portable Toilets

Baby Changing Portable Toilets - Types Of Portable Toilets

Baby Changing Portable Toilets

Baby Changing Portable Toilets

Whether it's a funfair, an outdoor concert or a food festival, if your event is aimed at families, one addition that can hugely enhance the experience for those with infants is the provision of baby-changing portable toilets. These ingeniously designed units are far more than just a standard portable toilet; they provide a clean, secure environment for parents to comfortably change their baby's nappies.

The units come with all the usual portable toilet features but with the unique addition of a fold-down, baby changing table. There's ample space, too, which can accommodate parents and caregivers as they manage the needs of their baby or toddler. No matter the size of your event, it's important to offer facilities that make life easier for all your guests.

Providing a baby-changing facility not only ensures the comfort of your smallest attendees but also the comfort and convenience of their parents. By meeting these needs, you set an inclusive and thoughtful tone for your event, making it an enjoyable experience for everyone. Remember, a little consideration can go a long way, and by using these baby-changing portable toilets, your event can be remembered for all the right reasons.

Long Drop Portable Toilets

Long Drop Portable Toilets

Long-drop portable toilets might not ring a bell to some, but they're a highly efficient solution for long-term commercial events. Thanks to their ingenious design and astounding efficiency, they've become a popular restroom solution for a wide range of events.

As suggested by the name, these ingenious portable toilets are fitted with a deep pit aimed at providing immediate waste burial. Unsurprisingly, this makes them a more eco-friendly option compared with standard portable toilets. Unlike typical portable toilets, long-drop portable toilets don't require regular servicing. This makes them a cost-effective solution for event planners.

By comparison, standard portable toilets need recurrent servicing to maintain their hygiene and functionality, which can be an added expense for organisers.

Therefore, these long-drop portable toilets offer ease of use, with the added benefit of requiring minimal maintenance over the course of multi-day events. Though most suitable for commercial events, they are also perfect for large festivals, community gatherings, building sites, concert venues or any location with a significant number of people.

They can manage the high influx of use without the need for any undue service interruptions. While these toilets function in an exceptional way that doesn't mean they lack proper hygiene measures. They are cleaned and sanitised before and after each use, making them highly sanitary. Armed with odour control technology, they offer a clean and comfortable user experience despite their high usage rates.

Moreover, these long-drop portable toilets are robustly constructed, ensuring strength and durability. They're made to withstand heavy usage and harsh weather, giving peace of mind to event organisers. Every portable toilet can withstand the rigours of any event, whilst still being easily transportable, ensuring they can be quickly and easily relocated according to event requirements.

Despite their simple design, these toilets never compromise on user convenience and satisfaction. They offer privacy and are equipped with necessary basic amenities. Their compact design ensures they don't take up too much space, which is often a prime concern at crowded events.

To conclude, long-drop portable toilets undeniably represent an efficient, sanitation solution for events, particularly lengthy ones. They offer several benefits from cost-effectiveness to user-friendly design and utmost hygiene. Event organisers seeking a hassle-free, reliable sanitation solution should certainly consider opting for long-drop portable toilets.

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