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SAFETY First Approach

Our policy is to take practical measures to prevent injuries, property damage, and hazards. This commitment is integral to our business strategy, extending to everyone we interact with. We prioritise proactive risk management, adhering to robust safety protocols, and industry best practices.

Our dedication to safety underscores our responsibility to our customers and the wider community. Toilets 4 Hire Ltd remains resolute in making safety a foundational aspect of our service delivery, fostering an environment of trust and confidence.


Richard Speake, as the Director, holds the responsibility of overseeing the execution of this health and safety policy. Nonetheless, the collaborative effort of all employees is essential for successfully meeting all of the Health and Safety Policy's objectives. Actively fostering cooperation is a key component of our approach.

Policy Aims and Objectives

The Toilets 4 Hire Ltd team commits to:

Adhere to pertinent regulatory requirements, industry standards, and legal mandates.

Raise awareness among employees about their duties under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and ensure compliance.

Provide readily available and well-maintained personal protective equipment (PPE).

Ensure the secure handling and usage of substances in accordance with prevailing industry regulations.

Employ guards, safety devices, and protective equipment as needed.

Furnish essential information, instruction, and supervision for safe operations.

Maintain vehicles rigorously to ensure ongoing roadworthiness.

Conduct routine risk assessments.

Attend Health and Safety (H+S) inductions and review provided guidance when visiting Client, Contractor or other sites.

Familiarise themselves with Site Specific Procedures that may supersede this Policy.

Utilise licensed and appropriate organisations for waste disposal.

Integrate relevant health and safety considerations into business decisions.

Continuously enhance and monitor health and safety performance.

Review and update this policy annually, consulting stakeholders as required.