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Should I Hire Toilets For A Garden Party

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  • 04-07-2023
Should I Hire Toilets For A Garden Party

Are you planning an outdoor party in your garden. One important question to ask is: should I hire toilets for a garden party? Toilets 4 Hire Ltd provide reliable party toilets hire for events throughout Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester and Gloucestershire Find out more about how many toilets you need for for birthdays and other celebrations.

Should I Hire Toilets For A Garden Party?

Planning a party for an extensive guest list to celebrate a special occasion is an exciting experience, there's a lot to love! However, you mustn't let your excitement about seeing your friends, eating good food and sharing a few drinks cloud your planning process. 

There are many factors to consider that you cannot forget. The aftermath of a party involves a significant clean-up job, and there's always room for the potential destruction of household items.

So, you want to plan carefully to reduce the amount of mess and a lack of cohesion. The type of party you wish to host will also have an impact on what toilet options are available to you. For example, if you have a venue booked, the toilet situation will likely be sorted. You must ensure that the venue you book has toilets and changing rooms for young children, as some locations don't offer suitable facilities.

We recommend contacting a local portable toilet hire company and hiring an extra toilet or two. If your attendees are in large numbers, it is highly unlikely that your venue will provide enough toilets and facilities. An example of this may be an outdoor wedding.9 times out of 10, you will require additional toilets on site to accommodate your guest list. If you want your event or party to be a success, that will mean reducing the number of guests queuing for the loos, especially those in your home. 

Should I Hire Toilets For A Garden Party? Party Toilets Hire Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

How Many Toilets Do You Need For a Party?

If you intend to serve refreshments at your outdoor party, there are a few guidelines to follow in terms of how many toilets to provide.

The minimum numbers suggest that you should hire one toilet for every 75 females, and one for every 400 or so men.

However, if your party will have a large number of male attendees, we encourage the inclusion of a luxury portable urinal to cut down queues. It will also help free up the trailers for female users. 

Portable Toilets for Birthdays and Other Celebrations

Portable toilet hire is the perfect solution for large outdoor parties and other gatherings. Whether you're hosting a 50th birthday party, a garden party, an anniversary celebration, or a children's party, you can hire portable loos that are incredibly practical. 

It makes sense to provide extra toilets and trailers. This is better than making part-goers traipse around your home in desperate search of the loo, only to find a large queue.

Doing so will also mean you can save on cleaning throughout your home. A toilet in the garden with efficient lights, clean facilities and privacy locks is ideal and more accessible. For those looking to hire a venue to hold their outdoor party, yet the venue doesn't offer enough toilet facilities, it will be ideal to hire numerous portable toilets. 

What Else Do You Need To Consider For A Garden Party

One of the most vital parts to consider when curating a plan for a garden party is access to hygienic, clean toilets. It should be one of the first things you add to your checklist during the preparation process. If you're hosting a large party with multiple guests and your garden or outdoor area is large, we recommend portable event toilet hire.

With toilet hire, you're guests can have the peace of mind that they will have more options should they need to use the toilet facilities. If guests find themselves needing to utilise the toilet at the same time, they can choose from the ones inside your property and those you have hired for your location site.

That way, you can avoid long queues, ensure peak hygiene with frequent cleaning, and have an overall more pleasant experience. The standard rule of thumb to go by is that there should be at least one portable toilet installed for every 50 guests. However, please take into consideration how many guests, the ratio of male to female, and the length of your garden or outdoor location. 

 Catering & Drinks

There are so many aspects to consider when planning a party, and one part you don't want to miss out on is the catering. Arguably, one of the most important factors, and is one that many of your guests may be looking forward to, especially in the evening when guests may be growing hungry. When planning the catering you must ensure you consider, the season, the time of day, the location, and the dietary requirements of your guests.

You can offer a potluck buffet of picky food, or a BBQ, or you can hire a professional catering company to provide catered meals. No matter what you choose, it's essential to make sure you order, purchase, or make enough food and drinks to keep your attendees well-fed and quenched. 


One way to spruce up your party and entertain your guests is to host activities and games for you to all participate in. It is an especially wise idea for those hosting a house or location full of children or young people. However, you can incorporate games and fun activities that are suitable for all members of the family and all ages.

Whether you decide to get out board games, cards, lawn games, set up a fun photo booth, or organise an entire scavenger hunt, there's to do to entertain. Perhaps you could host a game within the theme of your event to tie it all together. Activities ensure you're guests are never left out of the fun, and are consistently amused throughout the day, evening, or night. 


Music at your party is a must! It can be there to help create background noise whilst you mingle, curate an atmosphere, or it can help get your guests dancing and having fun. There are a few ways that you can get around the musical aspect. You can opt to have a DJ with a few special song requests in the mix, you can make a long looping playlist, or you may wish to hire a live band in your local area.

Selecting the right music is vital and can make or break your event. The best thing to do is align the musical choices with the atmosphere of your party. For example, you won't want to hire a local rock band for a fancy garden party complete with cupcakes and pots of tea. Pick something that will compliment the environment and the music taste of your guests. 

 Transport & Parking

When your guests begin to confirm their attendance at your event, you must then consider their transport. Ask yourself how they will arrive at your garden party and park their vehicle. If you find that your location doesn't offer the largest parking spaces, you may want to change the venue of your party. 

Alternatively, if you have enough parking spaces to fill up, it might be nice to arrange some form of transport for your guests to carpool to and from your gathering. Suppose you have guests coming from rather far away to celebrate a significant birthday or anniversary that they cannot miss. In that case, hiring transport for them might make the journey and experience at your party much more enjoyable and smooth sailing. 

Catering and Drinks - Hire Toilets For A Garden Party

Catering & Drinks

Music and Entertainment - Hire Toilets For A Garden Party

Music & Entertainment

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