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Portable Showers Hire Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud

Shower Hire For Special Events

Outdoor events, such as music festivals, located away from a ready water supply often require temporary sanitary equipment, including portable shower hire services like ours.

Portable showers offer the perfect solution for your guests, allowing them to remain clean during your events. 

Typically, portable shower hire is most needed at multi-day events, but our team can make arrangements for any portable shower or portable toilet hire needs. Call our team today to learn more or for a free quote. 

affordable and reliable portable Showers

Long & Short-Term Hire

You can hire portable showers from Toilets 4 Hire Ltd on both a short and long-term timescale.

Our services are designed with customer satisfaction as a priority, and our flexibility means we can meet any requirements, no matter the scale of your outdoor event or its needs.

Our dedicated team have over 15 years of joint experience providing excellent services to customers throughout Gloucestershire and the South West. 

Showers for Workplace Hire

Portable showers are also incredibly useful in the workplace, especially if that work entails a lot of dirt. Employers and employees can benefit from on-site showers, even on construction sites. Given that the locations of these sites are typically without a water supply, temporary showers are often the only solution. That is why Toilets 4 Hire Ltd specialises in portable shower hire in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas. 


Any good hotel will provide shower facilities for its guests. Therefore, when refurbishments or repairs are taking place, these facilities can be interrupted. Our for-hire portable shower blocks or individual units provide the perfect solution for interruptions in hotel services. 

Building Sites

Again, from lead project managers to individual contractors, everyone on a building site can benefit from having portable showers on-site. Construction managers are legally required to provide sanitary equipment for their contractors, and showers offer yet another fantastic alternative.

Gyms & Sports Centres 

TSimilarly to the above scenarios, sports centres, swimming pools, and gyms must provide guests with shower facilities. This sanitary equipment may even be legally required by these businesses. Therefore, you need a temporary solution when your showers aren't working. 

Sports Events

Athletes at sporting events also require adequate hygiene facilities once they have competed. If sporting events are taking place in remote locations without access to a water supply, our portable shower hire service offers an excellent alternative. 

Workplace Hire

Some workplaces also offer shower facilities for their staff. For example, offices with in-house gyms naturally provide showers for their staff for when they return to their work. If these facilities are suddenly unavailable, our shower hire in Gloucester is here to help.


Due to the nature of the events, music festivals often need portable shower blocks or individual showers. Our portable shower and toilet facilities provide an excellent way to offer high-quality facilities to your festival attendees, improving their overall experience.

range of shower facilities to choose from

Event Showers

All our hygienic shower blocks and mobile shower units are suitable for outdoor events. Each of our portable showers offers comfort and complete privacy for you and your guests.

With our experience, you can rest assured your event will have all the temporary mobile showers and toilets you need. We have provided portable loos and showers to numerous outdoor events, making us your local experts in Gloucestershire. 



When most people think about event toilets or portable showers, they picture a plastic box on wheels that's been sitting in a field for days on end. 

But this isn't the case with Toilets 4 Hire Ltd. All our portable facilities and portable trailers undergo regular cleaning while they are at your event or on your site, guaranteeing the best hygiene possible

 Our dedicated team know that cleanliness is vital for our portable showers, which is why we guarantee this hygienic environment for all our customers in Gloucestershire and the surrounding South West.


If you are hosting an outdoor event or working on a remote construction site anywhere in Gloucestershire or the South West of England, Toilets 4 Hire Ltd is here to provide excellent portable facilities, including disabled units and connected toilets. Our luxury toilets and mobile showers allow event hosts and employers to provide excellent hygiene facilities for guests and employees.

Our team has over 15 years of combined experience catering our portable hire services to our client's needs. If you are hosting a large event and are unsure of the number of potable facilities you need, you can rely on our expertise and experience. To learn more about our services or for a free, no-obligation quote, please do not hesitate to contact our team today.   

Events Toilet Hire Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud

Events Toilet Hire

No matter the scale of your event, from weddings to birthdays, our portable toilet and shower facilities are available for hire.

Construction Site Toilet Hire Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud

Construction Site Toilet Hire

Our portable toilets are perfectly suited for construction sites. Reliable and affordable, we can arrange a bespoke service for any budget.

Portable Showers Hire Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud

Portable Showers Hire

We are pleased to provide a dependable portable shower hire service for all our customers at affordable prices, no matter what.