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Organising A Sports Event

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  • 04-07-2023
Organising A Sports Event

If you are organising a sports event, you will need to consider toilet hire amongst other essential requirements. Toilets 4 Hire Ltd provide events portable toilet hire for events throughout Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester and Gloucestershire. Find out how many toilets you need for your sports event.

How Many Toilets Do I Need For A Sports Event?

According to recent guidelines given by the government, for all outdoor events with a duration of approximately six hours or more, you must provide toilets. We recommend hiring one toilet for every 100 women on site, and another to accommodate around 500 men. For every 150 gents at your sporting event, you must supply one urinal.

Suppose your event lasts longer than six hours, we encourage you to supply a minimum of one toilet suitable for 85 women, and another for every 425 men. You will need at least one urinal to accommodate every 125 men.

Yet, altogether, we suggest investing more if your budget will allow it. Doing so will improve the environment by enhancing the comfort of your attendees and reducing the potential for long queues. Throwing food, alcohol and other factors into the mix of your six-hour or over event can impact how many toilets you need. Per every 75 women, you will need one toilet and for every 500 male attendees you need one toilet and one urinal. 

Organising A Sports Event - Events Portable Toilet Hire Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester, Gloucestershire

Organising a sporting event

Organising sports events or similar projects can be challenging. It requires plenty of logistical planning, preparation, and a thorough understanding of the sport and the needs of its athletes, staff, and fans.

To curate a successful event, there's a lot that goes into the prep, including hiring volunteers, catering, adhering to weather preparations, toilet hire and maintenance, and plenty more. 

Factors that can influence the number of toilets you’ll need

Size of event

The more guests you have, the more toilets and urinals you will require to accommodate them. For those organising a sporting event or outdoor festival that is hosted across large land, you will need to supply toilets in areas spanning the length of the site. That way, you can ensure guests and attendees don't have to trudge across miles of land to get to the toilet. Have them dotted around, it makes them more accessible. 


Suppose there will be the option to camp at your function, you will need to provide additional urinals and toilets. Per 100 men require one extra urinal at your event, especially those with alcohol involved. Toilets and urinals will be used night and day, so you will need extra to accommodate for the loos that need cleaning and emptying throughout the event. 

Male/Female Ratio

You need to accommodate all genders, especially if you're running a large-scale event with around 500 people. It is important to offer a split of at least 4 portable loos and at least two urinals. This will give a broad spectrum of people access to these facilities. 

The Duration of your Event

Duration will have a significant impact on the amount of toilets you need to supply. The longer your event is, the less toilet time your guests will require. If your event spans many hours, you need to supply a few more toilets on-site. 

Will food and drink be served?

You must consider whether or not you or your staff will be serving food and/or drinks, especially alcohol. If this is the case, we encourage you to add further 15 or 25% more toilets.

More people are likely to drink when there is alcohol available, as it is a diuretic and it promotes water loss, which makes the kidney release more water. If your event is being held on an especially hot day, hopefully, your guests will be hydrating themselves properly, which is also a cause for more toilets on-site. 

Steps To Organising A Sporting Event:

Sporting events must be efficiently planned and organised down to the very last detail, they aren't the kind of event you can tackle overnight. Much like any large project, it's vital to plan ahead and establish all your objectives before spending any money or picking venues. Here is a short list of some questions you can ask yourself to ensure you don't miss anything:

  • Establish the type of event you want to hold. What is its name, its theme, mascots, logos, and which teams are playing?
  • What is the format of your event? Are you hosting a marketing or networking opportunity? Is it a social gathering or a competition? A friendly fundraiser game? Is it a virtual sport or a physical sporting event?
  • Come to an agreement on the duration of your event.
  • Finally, what is the sport or activity you are putting on? Football, tennis, volleyball, badminton, cricket, etc.

Holding the sporting event on the right day is crucial, and choosing it is even more difficult. To increase the event population and participation is to ensure your event doesn't clash with any major local events, or alternate sporting events that will make it harder to attend. You want to strive to pick a date that is far enough away from other close-by events so that you can organise and announce without fear of being overshadowed or overshadowing others.

The intrigue of the event you organise will have a great deal to do with where you choose to put it on the map. Whereabouts it is will also determine the venue selected, whether that be a sports complex, a beach, a stadium, a park, a field, etc. You must assess how many occupants the venue can hold and how many tickets you need to sell to make enough profit. It must be a safe space that won't result in overcrowding or dangerous stampedes.

As an event organiser you must ensure there is plenty of parking and standing space, it must also have all the necessary essentials and accommodations for your staff and athletes, such as training areas, changing rooms, lockers, bars, etc.

When organising a sporting event, you need to consider the necessary resources and costs. The city council can lend you equipment and offer some help and finance, but more is required. Of course, you can look for sponsors to support you and make your event financially viable.

Offer them something attractive, which gives them visibility to their audience and boosts their brand image. There will be companies in the area willing to offer you financing in return. Do not hesitate to contact these companies and present them with an exciting sponsorship dossier.

For any sporting event to go ahead, there must be significant compliance with the recent regulations and plenty of authorisation from higher-ups. One of the first things on your to-do list is to take your plans to officials, such as the local authorities and city council.

Some authorisations require you to get a permit to go ahead with your project or event. Please note that it can take time to acquire permits, so ensure you apply for one well in advance so that when your event goes ahead, it will comply with the regulations. 

One of the most vital factors in organising a sporting event involves registration management. All participants, teams, and spectators need to be registered, alongside all ticket holders, to ensure everyone at the event is eligible to be present. Online ticketing and registration are one of the best ways to tackle large sales.

With such platforms, you can easily manage payments and collect the necessary data from your customers to proceed. Alternatively, you can collect all the necessary email addresses, postcodes, and other details that will help secure or deliver their tickets. It's also useful for organisations that wish to notify users of essential details and plug in other events. 

Managing each aspect of your large sporting event can be challenging, especially when you're trying to juggle the merchandising, food and drinks.

Many big sporting venues now offer cashless payment systems that enable customers to purchase beverages inside their stadium with their pre-loaded cards. Doing so will help reduce the length of queues, especially during intervals and half-time. 

A sporting event cannot proceed without spectators, hosts and athletes. Communication throughout the planning process and the day of the event is paramount. You can successfully communicate through a variety of mediums.

Whether you desire to let people know about the event through Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, or Facebook, you can reach a range of audiences. Social media can also be utilised to announce the stages, the line-up, and the winners. 

Toilets 4 Hire Ltd provides reliable and comfortable portable toilets and shower units for domestic and commercial customers throughout Tewkesbury, Cheltenham, Ledbury, Gloucester and Gloucestershire. Whether you are having temporary water supply issues or are hosting large outdoor events, our portable facilities are well-suited to any situation.