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Hire a Luxury  Toilet Unit

When you hire a luxury toilet unit from Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, you're getting more than just a basic portable toilet.

We take pride in providing a wide selection of self-contained, luxury toilet units that boast not just functionality, but comfort and style as well. Whether you're hosting a small, intimate gathering or a grand, large-scale event, our toilet units are designed to fit the bill with aplomb.

Our dedicated, seamless service ensures your occasion runs smoothly, providing superior convenience for all guests. Choose Toilets 4 Hire Ltd for an unparalleled luxury toilet hire experience.

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Why Choose Luxury Toilet Hire

At Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, our core belief is providing outstanding facilities to valued customers. We take special pride in our luxury toilet hire services, renowned for their impressive efficiency, impeccable cleanliness, and unmatched high levels of service.

Designed to cater to all types of events and functions, we set the bar high in personal comfort and convenience. Comprised of dedicated, knowledgeable local specialists, our team offers seamless, professional services throughout Gloucestershire and the South West.

VIP Luxury Toilet Services

At Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, taking pride in our services is what we do best - and this includes our VIP luxury toilet services. At their core, these are crafted to bring comfort and a sense of luxury to our valued customers. Each toilet is equipped with top-tier amenities to cater to an array of needs, be it for an exclusive event, or a lavish outdoor function.

Moreover, hygiene is our top priority. We upkeep the quality and cleanliness of our VIP luxury toilets to deliver a level of service that’s nothing short of superior. Enjoy luxury, with a difference.

Ready to use in 30 minutes

Experience ultimate efficiency with our fast and reliable service. Our ready-to-use portable toilets and luxury units offer a sanitary solution for any event, set up in just 30 minutes. Let Toilets 4 Hire Ltd provide you with high-quality, convenient facilities for your convenience and comfort.

Toilets For Any Event

Toilets 4 Hire Ltd caters to an array of events by offering portable toilets that are suitable regardless of the occasion. Whether it's for a festival, construction site, wedding or any outdoor event, our facilities guarantee complete hygiene and accessibility, ensuring your event runs smoothly and comfortably.

Emergency workplace toilets

At Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, we excel in offering emergency toilet facilities for workplaces. Our expert services ensure that there's no interruption to your daily operations. We handle every detail so you can maintain focus on your business, knowing your facilities are in trustworthy, professional hands.

Wedding toilet hire

Toilets 4 Hire Ltd provides luxury toilet and shower hire for weddings, adding an important layer of comfort on your special day. Our range gives a touch of elegance to any outdoor setting, ensuring guests are well-accommodated for all their hygiene needs.

Hospitality toilet hire

Experience elevated levels of comfort and cleanliness with our premier hospitality toilet hire service. This service is perfect for both small and large events. Whether it's a festival, wedding, or corporate gathering, we ensure a hygienic facility for all your guests.

Self-Contained units

Experience ultimate comfort and privacy in our self-contained units offered by Toilets 4 Hire Ltd. These private havens are lavishly equipped with all the necessary amenities to ensure your stay is nothing short of luxurious, we guarantee a fantastic experience.

Our Luxury TOilets

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Luxury Wedding Toilets

At Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, we know that every detail matters on your wedding day. That's why we offer luxury wedding toilet units, elevating your venue with a touch of elegance.

Far from your standard portable loos, our units provide a clean, upscale alternative. This luxury option will impress your guests, ensuring their comfort from start to finish. Trust Toilets 4 Hire Ltd for unparalleled amenities on your special day.  

Luxury Toilets For Construction

Luxury Toilets For  Special Events

At Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, we manage all your sanitation needs for your special events, including luxury toilet hire. We understand how crucial cleanliness and hygiene are, and that's precisely why we focus on providing high-standard sanitation solutions tailored just for you.

Not only do we offer high-quality portable toilet units, but we also ensure they are perfectly set up, maintained and cleaned, providing absolute comfort for your team. Our portable toilets are designed with luxury in mind, with modern amenities that rival indoor facilities.

Our commitment to excellent service guarantees a reliable, efficient, and hassle-free experience.

Outdoor Event Luxury Loo Hire

At Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, we pride ourselves on offering the best in Outdoor Event Luxury Loo Hire. We understand that having clean, comfortable and luxurious toilet facilities at your event is paramount in ensuring your guests have a seamless, enjoyable experience. Our skilled team provides an all-inclusive service which includes the transportation of the luxury loo to your event.

We offer precise installation and regular maintenance throughout the course of your event, ensuring cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Our comprehensive service also includes the de-installation and transport back, hence providing you with complete peace of mind. At Toilets 4 Hire Ltd, we are committed to delivering the top-notch service that your event deserves.

Events Toilet Hire Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud

Events Toilet Hire

No matter the scale of your event, from weddings to birthdays, our portable toilet and shower facilities are available for hire.

Construction Site Toilet Hire Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud

Construction Site Toilet Hire

Our portable toilets are perfectly suited for construction sites. Reliable and affordable, we can arrange a bespoke service for any budget.

Portable Showers Hire Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud

Portable Showers Hire

We are pleased to provide a dependable portable shower hire service for all our customers at affordable prices, no matter what.