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How Many Toilets Do You Need In A Workplace

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  • 28-06-2023
How Many Toilets Do You Need In A Workplace

How many toilets do you need in a workplace? This article looks at how many toilets you need for your commercial premises and how many workplace toilets per person do you need. Toilets 4 Hire Ltd offer portable toilets hire throughout Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Cirencester & Stroud. We look at what you need to know about workplace toilet hire.

How many toilets do you need for your commercial premises?

It can be challenging to grasp how many toilet facilities you need to include in your working environment or public building. It is especially difficult when the number of visitors or attendees is destined to change day by day. With this short guide, we'll provide a little help on how best to tackle the capacity required to adhere to the HSE regulations.

Current Health Regulations

When providing the right number of health, safety, and hygiene facilities for your work staff, you must ensure you have washing facilities that:

Are conveniently located in areas within a walkable distance. What you don't want to occur is a five-floor walk between the floor you're working on and the bathrooms. This isn't ideal or safe, especially in an emergency.

Washrooms and toilets must be installed within reach of changing rooms, to prevent a lack of privacy, accidents, or mishaps. Those providing shower facilities and changing rooms must ensure they keep them at a close distance.

Other washing essentials should be provided, for example, paper towels, soap, sanitisers, and bins to catch all waste.

To keep your staff safe, you must ensure the rooms are well-lit, frequently stocked with necessities and well-ventilated.

It must be tidy and clean, with cleaners on-hand to help you when the working day is over.

If your workspace is complete with a mix of men, women, and those of other gender specifications, you must ensure you offer separate facilities. If these aren't specified, then we recommend providing more than one toilet or washroom with lockable doors for extra privacy.

How Many Workplace Toilets Per Person Do You Need?

The number of required toilets for office space is noted under Regulation 20 of the Workplace Regulations 1992 guideline. It caters to health, safety and welfare. Such regulations suggest a minimum number of sanitary facilities that must be installed on-site for your employees and visitors. The numbers can often vary according to the size of your workforce and the gender ratio of the staff.

Should your workforce be complete with an entirely female group, or mixed environment, you should include:

One toilet with one washbasin suitable for 1-5 people.

Two toilets and two washbasins are ideal for those with 6-25 people.

Three toilets and three washbasins are best for 26-50 people.

Four toilets and washbasins for 51-75 people.

Five toilets and washbasins for 76-100 people.

For those businesses with a predominantly male workforce, we recommend:

One toilet and urinal are ideal for 1-15 people.

Two toilets and one urinal are best for around 16-30 people.

Two toilets and urinals for 31-45 people.

Three toilets and two urinals are best for 46-60 people.

Three toilets and urinals for 61-75 people.

Four toilets and three urinals are suitable for 76-90 people.

Four toilets and urinals are best for 91-100 people.

Public buildings, for example, shopping centres, shops, and other similar properties with retail areas of around 1,000m2 will require:

At least one toilet per 500 male customers and an additional one per every 1,000.

You will need at least one toilet per 500 female customers, and an extra one for every 200 customers.

Every 500 male customers will need two urinals, and one more to accommodate every 500 extra customers.

One washbasin is needed to accommodate every male toilet and an additional one for every five urinals installed.

One washbasin is required for every female toilet and one extra for every two additional toilets.

You'll find that the number of toilets you need to provide inside your property all depends on the age or school level of your students. The amount of sanitary products and appliances is split across each different stage of schooling.

One toilet should be allocated per 10 pupils.

One washbasin must be included for every toilet.

Per 40 pupils, you must include at least one deep sink, shower or bath.

For 10 pupils under five years, there must be one toilet. Another toilet is needed for the following 15 pupils over five years old.

For every toilet and urinal, there must be one washbasin.

When it comes to boys' washrooms, they will require one toilet and urinal to accommodate every 20 students.

The girls' washrooms should include one toilet for every 20 pupils.

Every toilet or urinal must be accompanied by an additional washbasin.

When it comes to how many toilets you should supply for a leisure centre that includes a swimming pool, you must install the following:

For up to 100 male members you must provide two toilets and one more for an extra 100 users.

For every five female users provide one toilet each, up to 50 women. For every additional 10 people provide an extra toilet.

One urinal is acceptable for every 20 male users for up to 100 people. For every 80 users, there should include an extra urinal.

Each toilet and every five urinals should have one washbasin.

For every ten male and female users there must be one shower.

Where public buildings like cinemas, stadiums, theatres, or concert halls are concerned, many toilets are utilised during intervals, or between certain hours. As owners and staff, it is paramount to provide the following:

Two toilets should be on-site for every 250 male visitors, and more for every additional 250.

Two toilets should be installed on-site for every 30 female visitors, more for each additional 20.

For every 50 male visitors, you should supply at least two urinals, and another for every additional 50.

Supply one washbasin per toilet for all male and female visitors.

The number of toilets we recommend supplying inside a place of worship or religious building is as follows:

Inside churches or other religious places where approximately five volunteers or staff dwell, there should be at least one toilet provided.

If around 25 people or congregants utilise the premises at once, it may be useful to have two toilets on-site.

If we take a small city as an example, the regulations on the number of toilets needed in hostels are as follows:

One toilet must be provided for 1-4 guests that stay.

Two toilets are the ideal amount for those that allow 7-12 guests.

Three toilets are best for every 13-18 guests.

All toilets provided must have a designated washbasin for hygiene and health and safety purposes.

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